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Cecila is wonderful & a pleasure to see when I return there. all the people who work there are very nice & work to please the customers.
Je suis venu 3 fois en 10 jours. C'est un hôtel formidable et très agréable. Et j'aime beaucoup l'idée du snack l'après midi soir. Très appréciable quand on ne veut plus ressortir le soir.
A very fair value for money offering, any minor issues were not important considering the included internet and breakfast in the rate. If the rate were higher perhaps the expectation may also be higher, but we were very happy and will recommend.
Craig Braun
Hotel is in a good position, in a clean street close to two metro stations. Room was big, clean & well insulated. Will consider again for future travels.
Thomas Glavas
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